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Guidelines for Healthy Eating.

The following are some guidelines for Healthy Eating.  I strongly believe in the 80/20 rule.  There is nothing wrong with a McDonalds, Fry up, binge weekend, etc as long as they are supported by a healthy diet the majority of the time.  Here are some tips that if followed, will serve you well and are not (too) difficult to follow…in no particular order

  • If it’s man-made..avoid it.  Butter is always better than margarine, sugar is better than Aspartame.
  • Avoid Wheat where possible.  Sadly it’s everywhere, even if you try and avoid it, you’ll still end up eating it.
  • Most breads are rubbish.  If you are going to eat bread, treat it the same way you would wine or chocolate and buy the good stuff.  If the ingredient list contains any E Numbers or a Flour Treatment Agent, put it down and step away.  It may look like bread, but it isn’t. Purchase the small bakery ones, about 3 quid a loaf, and freeze it in order to make it last.
  • Drink Water. Choice number one at all times.  Ideally still.  If sparkling make sure it’s the naturally sparkling kind. Aim for one litre per day.  2 if you’re feeling up for it.
  • Coffee is allowed, once a day, prior to noon.  Give yourself a break from it occasionally.
  • Avoid Soya.  Fermented soya is fine, (miso, tempeh) but most of poor quality, and an estrogen mimicker which is fine if you want to have awful PMS or Moobs.
  • EAT VEGETABLES.  Try and make this 60% of your diet.  Raw or lightly steamed is best.
  • CHEW. YOUR. FOOD.    Teeth and saliva are the start of the digestion process. Give your food a head start – literally.
  • AVOID sugar.  It’s evil.  The true cause of all chronic illness, I kid you not.
  • Pay no attention to the Cholesterol debate.  Fats are good for you.  Sugar kills, fats don’t.
  • Do not drink with your meals.  A small amount of water or a glass of wine with dinner is okay.
  • Take your supplements.  Sadly our food, lifestyles and diets are not enough.  Always buy good quality supplements, accept the fact that you’ll be taking something once a day, for life.
  • Did I mention chewing?
  • Don’t eat “low fat” foods, they usually contain more sugar instead of fats.  Fats are good (see above)
  • Nuts are your friends. 5-10 is enough for a serving – sadly.  Unsalted/Unroasted of course.
  • Learn how to make Lentil Dahl.  Easy, fast, nutritious and cheap.
  • Never learn to bake. (that was my mother’s advice)
  • Flax seed oil – one tablespoon per day.  Not yummy, but you get used to it. Again, fats are good.
  • Take a digestive enzyme with your main meal after the age of 35.
  • Don’t eat at your desk. Walk away, breathe, then eat.  And chew.
  • Grapefruit, although tasty are also evil.  Only eat them occasionally.
  • Try the following…Chia Seeds, Hemp seeds, Flax seeds
  • Cook with Coconut oil instead of Olive oil.  Also very nice replacement to butter
  • Never, ever drink Diet drinks. Ever.

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